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So here we are again singing the same old song. The best defense against vitamin deficiency is to eat a wide spectrum of whole foods.

The Western world has access to a bonanza of the finest fruits, beans, seeds, nuts and vegetables, shipped from all over the globe, grown in remote soils from Israel to South America. We of all people should have no problem ingesting a surplus of every vitamin necessary for vibrant life and health.

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Fattest Cities for 2017

So is your city on the Top 100 list ? Check for yourself This list is just out and you will be surprised on how healthy or maybe unhealthy your metro area is.


Patents World Wide

Our company has products with almost 100 world wide patents. While other companies have none and spend there money on high priced TV commercials, paid celebrities to sell you junk or low grade products. Why would you want to put gas station products into your body?

A trip to the local dollar stores shows that you can buy vitamins for a dollar or two but what is in it. Nothing worth mentioning. The 10 pills in the bottle are equal to about a half of one of our pills for the same nutritional values.

The vitamins that are man made do not have the same results as ones that are plant or food based. It's important to understand that most sold in chains are made of chemicals. These pills if they even break down in your system deliver little to no nutrition.

NEW SITE: Learn more on plant based vitamins vs. man made. As one sanitation worker has told me the amount of pills they fine that are whole still with the logo or name on the pill. They passed through someone's body and never benefited them. Why waste your income on a product that will be flushed away.


New Product Line for Weight Loss, Wellness and Sports


Today dietitians and doctors are recommending that adults take a good multivitamin daily. The problem then faces you the consumer to find one that is good.

Sales and ads on TV, in magazines and on-line push many brands. The fact is the one you need is not sold in stores but through me or my web site.

You my ask why is it that it is not sold in stores or why only on line. The product is shipped direct to you from the manufacture.

NO middle man and a lower cost on a highly nutritional product. Plant powered is the way to go for you and your whole family.


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