Is sugar bad ?

Today people are focusing on sugars in our diets as our foods now contain the highest level ever. These sugars will turn to fat and can cause health issues. Simple issue is soda. Most soda has 30g of sugar per 12 ounce can or serving. Now that may not seem a lot but consuming three cans a day over a month alone is 2700g of sugar. This is just from your soda intake. Now add in foods that have sugars like fast food, frozen foods and prepared foods. Many sauces have 15 to 20g of sugar per serving. Pasta sauce is one that most forget that have sugars. Fruit juice again have 25 to 32g per serving. We can see in the rate of obesity in the United States that we need to focus on our level of consumption of this product.

Try to remove soda in your diet. Now don't replace the soda with fruit juice or ice teas that are equal in levels of sugar. Drink water in place and watch after a month of weight loss.

Levels per day vary from study to study, however in 2017 we see that 36g of sugar a day is a great target level. This is just 9 teaspoons in a day. This is also balanced with 2,000 calories in day per The American Heart Association.

Keep in mind chips, cookies, soda, juice, bread, apple sauce, ketchup, pickles, yogurt and all fast, frozen or prepared foods all have sugar. Read the labels and keep track. Simple pad and pen can track your intake for 2017.

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